This site is still under construction and will be updated with more information in the coming months. Meanwhile, here is a short summary of Rabbi Eli Gutnick’s products and services, as well as how to contact him:


Rabbi Eli Gutnick supplies the Melbourne Jewish Community with all scribe related products, such as Mezuzot, Tefillin and Torah Scrolls. Rabbi Gutnick also examines and repairs these items.

Rabbi Gutnick has been serving the community with excellence for the past decade. He is an ordained sofer (scribe) and magiha (examiner) with internationally respected credentials. He mainatins an open working relationship with all facets of the Melbourne rabbinate as well as the various authorities abroad, such as the Vaad Mishmereth Stam.

Rabbi Gutnick strives to maintain competitive prices, similar to prices charged in Israel for the same items. All Mezuzot and Tefillin are carefully examined for kashrut both in Israel and locally by Rabbi Gutnick before sale, thus ensuring that a strict standard of Kashruth and quality is met.

Rabbi Gutnick respects the various minhagim (customs) of the Melbourne community and supplies both Ashkenzaic and Sephardic styles, as well as Chassidic (Arizal script) and Non-Chassidic (Beis Yosef script).

Feel free to contact Rabbi Gutnick for his products or services on either 9530 3899 or 0419 613 141. Alternatively you can email him at

Rabbi Gutnick is open to the public between 3 and 7 PM  on weekdays (Mon – Thurs) at his workshop, located at 2 Princes St, North Caulfield. He is also there on Sundays and Fridays between 11 AM and 2 PM. (Princes St. is right behind Caulfied Shule, just off Inkerman Rd.)

Rabbi Gutnick works primarily for the Melbourne community but also ships interstate and internationally.

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